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Took new girl to hawaii....didn't get laid....come and laugh
Debated posting this....but I just got off the phone with my boss (work trip) and he gave me so much chit for it I felt like sharing. It's pretty unbelievable. Met girl on tinder 2 months ago. 21, 9 10. one of the most beautiful girls I've ever gone out with. Kind of quiet, introverted, but very...
Got fired just after being employed for a week for asking my boss out for drinks srs
Bish was engaged and had kids but was hot as fukk like late 20s. Asked her out in front everyone. It started off as me just being cheeky then it went too far when I said I'd get her number (it was my first week ffs what was I thinking had her laughing up till then). She was one of those snobby...
Lol at the sheep not voting for Bernie sanders lmao srs
Y'all throw around socialist freely like he's going to come after your money to spend on welfare seekers. That simply isn't true. Yea some stuff I don't agree with, like universal healthcare and the huge increase in minimu wage, however a lot of his solutions are needed and have been for far too...
Why don't males who can't get girls just transgender into lesbians? (pics)
this dude tranny maxed to the core. Its so easy to go from 3 10 guy to 10 10 fembot with how advanced science is today. Would plow the hell out of this tranny maxer. With all the hormones you'd be on you would prolly goy (tranny straight?) anyways and start liking dongs.
Was fired from work today
Was walking around the office taking snap's. Had a meeting with my boss and he told me I can now snap chat all I want at home now. Feelsbadman. May be getting kicked out also. It's fine though. I'm going to start a business. Maybe this is what I needed. Does anyone know anything about...
Im 99% conservative, but never understood why most conservatives are Anti............
No hover
Tfw when ex gf is doing well
Currently torqued out of my mind having some starbucks and listening to this lobby type music so feeling reflective as fuk. Just creeped ex gf, dated for 3 years. Treated this girl like chit. Never introduced her to family. Went out all the time without her and banged tons of girls. If...
Atlanta is America's No. 1 place to move, 6th year in a row
http: www.bizjournals.com atlanta news 2016 02 03 atlanta america s no 1 moving destination again.html http: www.ajc.com news business real estate heres why atlanta no 1 moving destination 6th year nqJGq Why? 217 sunny days, only rains 100 days. Median income is 10 over national...


Post photo of you and your gf
Post a photo of you and your gf, lets see how many of us ugly FA's are punching above our weight.
Fukin sloots at the gym..
What was once a favourite past time for guys to gather and expand their minds and bodies has turned into a goddam social media fad. I used to be onboard with sloots lifting weights (cause, you know.. dem legs). But I failed.. I ****ing failed to see the ****show that would follow. How could I be...
Fianc left after 8 yrs
Girl broke the news that she had a gut feeling that we weren't meant to be. Don't know if she found another guy or what but I kicked her out of the apt. since I was paying the rent. Feeling fukkin gutted brahs. Didn't see it coming at all. Edit: Some understandable confusion about the thread...
Lifting for legs is a HUGE waste of time / energy
Unless you're specifically competing in bodybuilding or power lifting or any other sport , then you are wasting a huge chunk of energy and time working your legs. Most of you lift to look good , whether you want to admit it or not. This is why it's pointless to lift for legs. Pros of working...
med school is literal hell some days
u have a long day just to come home to study all night no time to talk to people except look at books. starting to become more anti social and lonely no time to go on dates with girls no days off no relaxing on weekends havent lifted in month have 10 exams coming up friends playing video...
do people who hate trump have any actual reasons?
seems like on my facebook people just put he s mean or he's a jerk or he's racist or he's horrible to women like wtf
bobbydigitaloa deadlifts pretty much the same as layne norton
and he wants us to believe he is natty? lmfao
Guy throws boiling water on cat fuked up(Facebook)
http: imgur.com Me0iKGC http: imgur.com Sd1YcMk Don't know how to upload a vid from face book but this video pissed me off so fuking bad srs. I screen shot his fb user name and some of the fuked up comments on the video. They're actually laughing in some of the comments. If some one knows how...
England is the most embarrassing first-world country
1) The monarchy. What a moronic fukin tradition. End of story. 2) The attractions in England...the main attractions are a FUKIN FERRIS WHEEL, a CLOCK TOWER, and CASTLES. WTF? 3) The food...bland as FUK 4) Oral hygiene is non existent 5) Everything just feels old in England. ...
Martin Shkreli laughs off questions at Congressional hearing
https: www.facebook.com BuzzFeedNews videos 1085786498109034 ?fref=nf http: www.nytimes.com 2016 02 05 business drug prices valeant martin shkreli congress.html?smid=fb nytimes amp;smtyp=cur amp; r=0
Why do people get iPhones over Android?
Is it just due to the Apple name? I don't see what's so much better about it besides people just wanting an apple product in general.


Why haven't u gone vegan yet? [pics]
What do u think is keeping Brad Pitt looking like this at 50+? Bet u didn't know Pitt's aesthetics were vegan eh?
Things we do to f*ck with your wifes/girlfriends? Lmao.
I'm loling so hard right now at work. Last night I was driving her car and when we came home I pulled her E brake up as far as it would go and she can't get it down lmfao. Also when we have discussions about anything I do that she doesn't like I will tell her that Luckily I don't have to be...
Best looking man in his prime?(srs)(homo)
We already know PRIME Denise Richards and Jane Fonda are the 2 greatest hbbs in history (prime) What about guys? I'm gonna go with John Travolta in grease(srs)
Lmao at working professional males
Since getting my first real job last Wednesday I've been commuting to work and I'm mind blown at how every guy looks like a huge fuking pussy. Homo fuking glasses Ugly shoes Terrible style Fat
43yo Married Catholic High Teacher Arrested for Sex with Her 16yo Student
Substitute Teacher at Catholic High Accused of Sex with Student http: scallywagandvagabond.com 2016 02 erica suskie photos catholic substitute teacher accused of having sex with student Published 02 02 2016 11:14AMUpdated 02 02 2016 12:47PM


Average sex partners for females
Do you think the modern female with a normal social circle that's gone through Highschool, College, bars clubs etc... In her late 20s early 30s has less than 10 or 10+ sexual partners? Discuss.
Gf going snowboarding with friends. Her ex will be there. AMA
She's going boarding with some friends. Her friends invited ex. Theyve been broke up since October. We got together in December. She says she'll barley see him. At first I was totally against it but, she already booked the hotel and she deserves a to have fun boarding. My motto has always been...
LMAO, wtf? THIS is what $1.5 million buys you in an LA suburb (pic)
Always fantasized about living in LA. Even made a thread on it. Started looking at some suburbs just for fun (slow at work) and now lol'ing hard. No thnx jeff. Suburb neighborhood in LA. $1.5 million. Brb can see neighbors @sscrack through your bedroom window. For comparison here are a...
Experiences dating hispanic girls? (Latino brahs GIH)
So ive been seeing some really attractive hispanic girls at work gym....etc. I would like to hear some brahs experience with dating a hispanic girl. I think white girls are pretty and down to earth but not very loyal. (flame me) Are hispanic girls better in that aspect? Everytime I bring my mexican...
What is your least favorite stereotypical gym-goer?
Mine is hands down the highschool college kids that walk around full lat flare 24 7. Its truely unfortunate that there isn't a nice way to go about telling someone they look really really dumb. Your turn. Circuit trainer who trys to hog all the machines is a close 2nd place
If you are a male and have Instagram, you are a f*ggot
Only under 2 circumstances would it be OK 1) you live a bomb lifestyle and take pictures of your trips, possessions, chicks, ect 2) are shredded and use pics of your body to get females Other than that you're a phag. Whoa look at this cool scenery, I'm sure this would look fantastic with...
More proof the earth is flat (Srs)
The claim is that the earth is a sphere, and the closer you get to the equator, the warmer it gets. Someone explain to me how California and Nevada get no winter, but Virginia and Pennsylvania get five feet of snow every year? They would be the same distance from that imaginary equator.
Wasn't Obama care supposed to socialize our health care?
Did I miss something? All it did was get the insurance companies more money. The website in my state has hours of operation. Never ever heard of a website with open and closed hours.
Having a child in this day and age is arrogant. srs
Over populated world. Arrogance and narcissism to even want a child. I honestly don't see the point?
Let me aware you on the GOAT career for a man - Commodities Trader @ BP ($280,000)
I interned in Oil Derivatives in the Commodities Trading sector @ BP. Schedule of weekdays went something like this: 5am Wake up 5:30am Shower + protein shake 6am Get dressed amp; pack lunch to leave house 6:30am Get to work and track movements of Crude price based on Asian markets


Happy Black History month to my fellow black Misc'ers
I know I might get negged back to Africa for this post but Fuk it. I love black history. We have endured alot and are the only group in America that is defined only by the dregs of it's race, and while Jews can remember the holocaust (1933 1945), Armenians can recall the genocide they experienced...
GF is talking to another man
I've been with my girl since im 15 years old. Now i'm 26. When we were 16, we had a 1 year break and she started seeing that other guy for months (never had sex). Fast forward to this day, she calls me to say that she's been talking to him again for the last few months (only met with him...
I hooked up with a friend of Whey2Exotic, but that girl is not receptive anymor (srs)
I was in Kentucky visiting some family, and well, I met whey2exotic (briefly) and a friend of hers. Due to privacy concerns, I won't discuss whey2exotic's personal life and she won't talk about mine. However, she introduced me to her friend and she was smoking (She looked like a light brunette...
GF is a cheating sloot (pics)
Cliffs OP goes NC on gf 5 months ago for cheating Ex gf texts OP constantly originally saying she didn't cheat but is now very sorry and understands what she did wrong OP doesn't think it's true OP goes a little beta OP makes fake IG and Snapchat of Chad OP messages sloot ex and she...
Any guys with GF/wives bitching about your gaming time?
I don't even. The few hours I have a few times a week is now considered an addiction according to her. I even told her that it is a hobby for guys, not some self destructive habit. Now she is playing that choose me or your ps4 . If she is in the house, i don't even play so it's not...
Ted Cruz has stumped the Trump
ted cruising along, winning in iowa how mad are trump trumpeters? lmao
36 questions women have for men. May cause rustling, LOL. video.
https: www.youtube.com watch?v=u J0Ng5cUGg Also, HBB anti feminists response https: www.youtube.com watch?v= GGwfGSHJCY


Catbrah, if you give us a video tour of your crib Ill mail you a crisp $100 bill.srs
Title is deadsrs. Pls do it mane. Will even throw in a coupon for catfood (if I can find one) If I don't deliver misc mods can put me deep red or perm ban me. Whichever is worse.
As a male, getting girls is the only thing that matters in life (srs)
Girls are all around us, they are the reason you brush your teeth in the morning, put on cologne and go to work. You think about them when you wake up with a boner and when you fap yourself to sleep at night. It's why you started lifting, it's why 80 of misc threads are about sloots and why...
mind=blown. average IQ in Syria/Iraq/Afghanistan = 83
https: iq research.org en page average iq by countr brb teaching my dog Farsi (61 IQ terrier)
Martin Shrkeli, the phaggot that put aids meds to $750, been up for 24 straight
EDIT: new stream, people are going off on him about the Wu Tang sh*t and he's just providing the lulz https: blab.im martin shkreli martin shkreli 1 31 16 Reps for life if a miscer gets on, u can use your mobile or computer if it has a webcam.
Stephen Colbert destroys Donald Trump
WpKiP gmDS8 https: www.youtube.com watch?v=WpKiP gmDS8
How in the fuk is MMA more entertaining than Boxing?
Boxing: 2 guys standing up for the entire fight beating each other until 1 guy can't stand up anymore. MMA: 2 guys standing up for 5 10 seconds and then spending the rest of the fight rolling around on the floor dry humping each other. Da fuk.....
2.5 million men 'have no close friends'
Pretty sad http: www.telegraph.co.uk men active mens health 11996473 2.5 million men have no close friends.html More at the site. What can we do about this?!
Got dumped again repping everyone ITT
Remember the sloot I posted a few months ago that cheated on me? Well she got back with me And broke up with me again Oh well today's feel cast 100 chance of no gf


Orb, the basement-dwelling male model virgin, moved to Thailand to slay(pics)
The guy that always posted on reddit slut hate about being a lonely virgin with no friends girlfriend that never leaves his house finally upped sticks and moved to Thailand with the intention of slaying. The guy in question: Picture from post he made about leaving New Zealand for Thailand:
HNNNNNGGGGG at female huntresses
What can bouncers legally do? Virtually attacked for being drunk story
So I get to the club slightly drunk, it was quite busy. All of my friends and my girlfriend were allowed in and told me to wait 10mins until it has died down. Then they just refuse me entry and tell me to go home. I try to enter again and two bouncers drag me onto the street. I couldn't get...
Photoshoot tomorrow. U Mirin current?
inb4 need more size Mirin?
7+ day water fast
Hi guys! I am currently 40 hours into a 7 day water fast and depending on how I feel at day 7 I might continue for 10+ days. Just doing water, coffee and green tea. You lose about 0.5kg fat per day with minimal muscle loss so in theory I should lose around 4kg fat in 7 days with no noticable...


Calling out miscers who are "working" right now - V30: Make MWC Great Again
I am not going to sugar coat it. This thread has had its ups and downs. We have had some laughs, and some tears. But we got through it. Through all the turmoil and the day that will live in infamy, 8 23 2014. But I promise you, the MWC can be great again. The MWC will be great...
Bigger by the Day: The Official Rich Piana Thread
ITT we discuss the life of Richard Piano
soon to be ex wife said see other people.
best news i have heard since we split brahs, ill hit you up with some screen shot texts in a bit today we gather to celebrate OP's ex wife not phucking him over and ruining his career with the evidence she has das it mane das it
LMAO, Anyone claiming to be an atheist has gone full potato. SRS
I am genuinely convinced that one must be insanely arrogant, delusional, and consider themselves all knowing to be an atheist. Agnostics, I can understand. Claiming that at the moment, they havent seen enough evidence so they believe there may or may not be a God. Even though I disagree, I can...
Post one pic of your physique at it's best (no homo)
We all have that one picture where the pump was juicy and the lighting was perfect. Let's see what the misc has accomplished so far on the quest to swolehood. Doesn't need to be recent, just the best pic you have to offer. Let's show that the misc fukking lifts!
What's the WOAT fast food restaurant?
My vote goes to Burger King.
This bald guy goes from child abusing pedo to 8/10 Chad by wearing a hair piece (vid)
RrzsDvdBzIk https: www.youtube.com watch?v=RrzsDvdBzIk fuk this is brutal lol hair literally makes or breaks ur aesthetics
JimFromRaleigh1‎ You fukcing phaggot bitch
Deleted your thread after I exposed you as a fukcing fraud bitch. dude copied a reply from a reddit thread and made and LOL @ you phaggot thread Kid claims to know so much about any kind of finance when in reality he steals comments from reddit and regurgitates them on the misc to seem...
Another 20 months without sex or fun losing my mind... depressed as fuk
Seriously guys I don't know what to do. Just went on Facebook and got depressed as fuk... I signed a contract to get my life in order but it's so hard. At the end of this I'll have about 50k and a good job but I'm legit going crazy. Miss old girls, my friends, my social life. These people...
Guys Here Who Say Money = Women Get In Here
are you talking about the top 0.000001 of men who are earning 1M + per year? Just a standard 150K or 180K will never get you any sloots. I am going to make 180K this year and I'm FA with the womenz. I have a nice big house, a fancy car, very trendy and expensive wardrobe, very generous, great...
Ask a brah who lost his job because of misc detectives
Worked hospital security in Denver. Made a thread about the girls coming into the emergency from an EDM concert. OP's pics had the hospital that he worked at on a coffee mug. OP deleted threads to be safe after a miscer made an account with with hospital name and threatened to call hospital. OP...


Just dropped a cat off for a lion cut. Photos when he's done.
Example: Dis gun b good
Came home today and my wife had bought a $2,100 Chanel purse, AMA
Go on ahead
The Rothschild Family
How true is this? Personally, I definitely think that there is a group of people that controls everything that happens in the world, a secret society that no one has a fukking clue about. I've read about the Rothschild family in the past but never got deep into it, just scratched the surface.
Blood every time I chit.. too scared to go to the doc
Before I start I just want to say I'm being 100 serious right now. You can go through my post history and see that I've been complaining about my guts for a while now. My guts are constantly hurting all day now, ranging from a mild throb to acute pain where I have to stop what I'm doing and...
hottest cartoon characters?
post yours
is this how hoods look in the america? (srs)
is this what chicago looks like? seems so gloomy, feels like a jungle, wood live there srs bEoDSTBY Y4
sloot jumping on sofas gets stuck between 2 sofas and dies. Damn
Her body was folded up with her legs against the wall. Her head looked like it was stuck, she said. It looked like she was jumping around and got stuck. The 21 year old had travelled through south east Asia with her best friend before flying to Australia and seeking work, like many...
Reddit user goes to fitness expo and amogs professional gymbrahs (pics)(fuark)
fuark amog machine http: imgur.com a g7e1o
mum drops off daughter to porn shoot daughters.gif
zmlZSl LSvo what would you do if your daughter told you she was going to do a porn, respect she's her own person? also fking lol how they didn't tell dad where she was going
First they said GENDER is a choice. Now RACE is a choice.


Every female has high rep power
and there's talk that miscers hate womenz. I'm proud.
Is Chloe Grace Moretz dating Chance the rapper?
please respond.
Armed men try robbing barber shop, customer CCW shoots both of them
LW 0OqFXTpQ Action starts at 1:30
Rate my gf (SRS) (PICS)
we attempted some kind of photoshoot
Uber attacker girl speaks out for the first time (JUST LOL @ THE EXCUSES)
lol @ saying it was not her lol @ i don't know what happened that's not me lol @ i broke up my bf and my dad is in the hospital CSs4xQIs1V4
Anyone else look alot younger than they really are?
Get told I look anywhere from 6 8 years younger than I am brb no receding hairline, forehead wrinkles, etc.
A well regulated militia...........LOL
So let me get this straight, 'Muricans think that they can use their guns to protect themselves against the Govt. Hold up, just hold up for a gosh darn second here. Defending yourself from people is one thing, I understand protecting your home and family from criminals. But what DE FLYING...
Should flat earth people be sterilized?
We need to start a war against the loud and stupid
Milfhunter is back with amateurs! (Pics)
He has a new site coming this summer. All first time amateurs! Hnnnnnnngg at these girls They is no nudity in the link below. Pics of girls: http: nightwithhunter.tumblr.com My body is ready
Swedish police chief says refugee who killed a woman is a victim too
The head of the Swedish police has sparked outrage by expressing sympathy with the teenage asylum seeker accused of murdering social worker Alexander Mezher. National Police Commissioner Dan Eliasson, who has already admitted police cannot cope with the wave of migrant crime, said he has concerns...


Why are Asians not complaining about the Oscars?
5.6 of the US population is Asian 12.3 of the US population is black Yes there are less Asians than blacks but how many Asian actors over the years actually won awards? Anyone complaining that 75 (according to google but seems like more than that) of the NBA is black? That is not...
How will America continue to survive if we pay Veterans 100% disability for PTSD?
US Army brah checking in I know brahs who went to iraq afghanistan, maybe left the wire (meaning go out on patrol) once, or never at all, get out of the Army, claim PTSD and then get 100 disability from the VA. How the fuq can we as a country sustain this? Motherfcukers getting 100 ...
LOL at homeowners trying to convince everybody owning is ALWAYS better
LOL coworker saying how he had to spend over $500 on repairs to this sink garbage disposal over the weekend Meanwhile anything goes wrong where I rent I put in a work order and it's fixed in a couple of day tops at no charge No need to find a repairman, no need to go scrounging for supplies tools...
Vegan Gains - Milk causes more Estrogen then Soy/Flax - WoW!
WOW! Didn't know that did ya! Soy and Flax actually raise testosterone and milk is from a cow that is kept pregnant year round with estrogenic hormones, no wonder i'm skinny fat...I was avoiding Soy Flax and chugging milk. Guys let this be an eye opening a wake up call so to speak. Thank me...
Gun finally came in (pics)
Just a starter gun for my job. I'm not gonna go fancy until I'm back on my feet. The 2 months I didn't work I created debt from credit ..bills and car. After I take care of all that .... I'm gonna go shopping for some really nice guns
Had a tough day? Neg me (srs)
I had a great day but know some of y'all didn't. My CP is too green. Girl broke your heart? Take it out on me. Crappy Tuesday? Lemme have it. I will NOT neg back SRS. I've done this thread before and didn't neg anyone. Do your worst, misc. Reps to posts #24 and #56 (assuming you didn't...
I've been enlightened... Sloots will always sloot
I recently ran into my 26 year old ex. We started talking, hooked up and re kindled. Few weeks later, she asks me if I've hooked up with any girls since we separated 2 years ago. Thinking im treading in dangerous waters, like a naive ***got, I lie and say 2 (actually 4, 1 drunk one night stand,...
Flat earthers, answer me this ONE question.
How come when we are looking at the sunset on the horizon you literally see the sun go down? It gets closer to the horizon, then you only see half the sun, then it's gone. It doesn't just get less visible, it literally disappears from the bottom up. If the earth was flat and the sun was moving...
is trending on twitter for ****s sake


White man quits job to travel to Asia just to slay (video)(FA brahs GTFIH)
s6rvQx yw Q don't ever let anyone tell you to lay down and rot when slaying is all about being white in Asia
Fitness tips nobody ever told you about
The barbell shoulder press is a glorified triceps exercise learn how to do Scott presses correctly The closer your heels are to your glutes the more you can isolate your soleus muscles the largest muscles in the calves. Most calf raise machines that target the soleus are piss poor and the...
Frat life in the US...mirin hard
https: www.youtube.com watch?v=ieV1HpAfi1k US brahs is this what being in a Fraternity is like in the US? fuarkin mirin hnnnngs in the last clip omg edit: someone embed the vid pls
~Admin wants to know, do you buy?~
Do you purchase from the Bodybuilding.com store? If yes, what is one thing that should be improved and if no, what is the biggest hurdle obstacle to making a purchase?
Post pic of hottest girl you have been with (pics)
Will post pics of us together if misc doesn't believe
Who is your least favorite Miscer
Rapper B.O.B. Has gone full flat-earth theory (strong science)
Like many celebrities, B.O.B won't let his high school education hold him back, and has outsmarted the rest of the planet. 16 miles. That's gotta be what, like halfway around the world
Please help! Wife cheated my life is ruined... Prison/job loss
Kid gets unexpectedly rekt by airsoft gun(?) WTF
LMAO @ American gaybo eagle
Australian Wedge Tail Eagle ****s all over your scum Bald Eagle Here are some stats.. American Bald Eagle One of the smallest eagles in the world Only eats small fish Basically a glorified seagull bald receeding hairline just like most FA cuck merica phags
Your Personality Type?
What's your MBTI type? I'm new to this forum and I wonder what the average personality type around here is. Guessing a bunch of ESTP's but I could be wrong (mostly sensors though I'm sure). Being INFP myself I'm guessing my type is truly rare around here since we're not your typcal loud and...
doctors make way too much money
The median annual Physician Emergency Room salary is $260,617 they don't even do anything.. they just walk around and give their opinions.
I just don't understand the appeal of living in a city or city life in general (PICS)
Always see on the misc where discussions of the best places to live people talking about LA, NYC, Boston, etc. and I just scratch my head. I lived in CA and hated it until I finally escaped to Vermont in 2013. City life: Crowded Crime No Parking Traffic jams Dirty Insanely...


Varona is single and back to posting boobies
Rich Piranha is looking unhealthy as fuark
hq7aY 3Hlgk The man can barely walk and that heavy breathe ain't good. WTF that gold diggers voice is just ewww.
my little sisters friend just came over to my house....(pics)
MISC IS IT WEIRD IF I MAKE A MOVE SRS? 10 mins ago i went downstairs to the kitchen and to my surprise i saw this girl here AGAIN, shes my sisters friend from school, the good thing is i was wearing basketball shorts and a singlet so she saw my gains, everytime she comes over to my house to see my...
Ultimate tinder slayer on reddit of all places fuking lol (pics)
this guy is basically amogging the fuk out of the r tinder subreddit: https: www.reddit.com user tinderdeznuts lmao he calls every guy there a cuck, phag, tells them to go kill themself etc https: www.reddit.com r Tinder comments 3wlkwd 2 days in chicago now what here are his 2...
Senior manager at Big Four: 6 figures plus income. AMA
I'm in the BB.com line at the LA expo (pic)
Ho Lee fuk This is the line for BB.com swag *UPDATE* Went back to the BB.com line, because I figured it would be the most likely to have aware people. This security guard was evil eyeing me when I walked up, so I made it quick. Nobody seemed to be aware. Tried again from the top of...
Scumbag lame norton is the most annoying human of all time
Srs. aka im 100 natty...oh and i have a phd....aka btw i have a phd scumbagsteve.jpg
Shredded wolf caught trolling
cliffs shreddedwolf makes claims cute latina cheated on him shreddedwolf says they were dating 1 1 2 years miscer finds latinas twitter confirms shes dating a different guy 12 months ago not op shreddedwolf deletes thread when will miscers learn?
LMAO, feminist contacted me about a pic for my ad not including a female LOL (pic)
Cliffs: Have a craigslist ad out for website design for side gig hobby Have a stock photo up Woman emails me about it not including a woman LOL I politely explain to her that she is an idiot Stick around misc, could be fun
I pity those who don't do cardio
Improved mood, (endorphins, runners high , feeling invincible and GOD like after running HIIT). Better sexual performance (increased blood flow so better vascularity and erections, also more energy so able to go to pound town like a machine and not feeling as gassed) Clearer skin (body...
UFC Champion Conor McGregor shopping in Beverly Hills on Friday (PICS)
Hermes belt Snake skin shoes fuarkkkkkk
Ruined my life and cant seem to get back at it(depressed)(misc did this)(LONG READ)
I'm not going to fault the misc 100 to this it was also me being weak minded and taking it so seriously. Found the misc back in 2011, at that time i was 19 and happy. I had just gone out of highschool but had no direction in life. I was popular in hs, was popular on FB and had no problem with...
If you think the universe just appeared 'out of nothing' then you are mentally ill..
When I say 'mentally ill' I actually mean 'fukking stupid'. First of all there is no such thing as 'nothing'. Even if there is empty space, that is not 'nothing'. It is 'something'. For example for the big bang to happen (which I'm not necessarily denying happened) there must have been...
Muslim savages think they are taking over Britain
How come Vegetarians dont act like vegans...
I am curious to know why vegetarians don't act crazy and cultish like vegans do? I mean, the only difference is, honey, dairy and eggs. Yet vegans are so much louder and more antagonizing.
Trump double digit lead- fuk ya
Just saw on the news Trump is leading in both Iowa and NH with double digit leads. Fuk ya 'MURICA TRUMP 2016 Love it.
Petition to ban the word "cuck"
SRS, this is getting out of hand. It's like in every other thread now.


So I ate out a sloot last night
And then found out my housemate had fuked her raw ten minutes earlier. Housemate and I were drinking at local pub, kept noticing two sloots eyeing us from a table. We approach and, as a miscer, I'm inevitably stuck with the uglier one. My mate and I both want the Blondie. Now after ten...
Why all the hate for Reddit ?
If you are average height, you should be happy ( srs)
All the people of average height complaining, you are insecure phaggots and you should be happy. Average height is almost 5'10'' which is around the 50 th percentile. And precesily 52 . So you are taller than 52 of men and only 48 of men are taller than you. Which means more than half of the...
Blue eyes = GOAT
Itt we appreciate blue eyes. Blue eyed bros how does it feel to have blue eyes? Brb everyone says how asthetic your eyes are. Brb rare eye color.
I seriously can't fathom how men can marry girls who aren't virgins
SRS. I enjoy smashing random girls off of tinder and or a bar, party, ect, but I don't take them seriously as wife or even dating material. they arent worth your mental peace of mind, because they are sluts who give it up after the first date. I would never seriously date a girl who's...
Who's the hottest porn girl right now?
Tell me misc. No Moser and Bailey nonsense.
If America didn't join WW2 could Britain have survived?
If American investors still funded Germany but stopped supporting anyone when the war started, so no lend lease to Russia or Britain. Could Russia and Britain still destroy Hitler, or did or materials and funds give the Russians and Brits the benefit of rebuilding faster after battles?
My latest Tinder match, is this a 10/10 body?!
Ho lee fuk she has the best body I've ever seen on any girl on tinder so far. This girls 18 and I'm 21, she msged me first and lives 20km away. Mirin hard as fk. Cotdamn.
Man beats down another man in the street then has consensual sex with his girlfriend
GIRLFRIEND OF THE VICTIM. I am done. Jungle law is in full swing. It's over. Abort. bye, cya. http: www.dailymail.co.uk news article 3327040 Teenager morals tom cat shared video having sex underage girl online bail attacked young man sex girlfriend driveway.html


Had to kill a pitbull last night.........
A friend of my girlfriend moved in with us (temporarily) a week ago. She has a pit, I have a german shorthair. She is staying in the basement, and has kept her dog down there the entire time with her, so the dogs could get used to each other's scents before being introduced. Well, last night...
Poor Stacey Dash (and pics)
I personally couldn't care less about BET or Black History Month or anything else directed towards any minority. But, I can't believe she's catching so much hate for basically saying that she wants true equality and doesn't like the double standard. I read a comment that someone wished she would...
TRUMP confirmed MADMAN. Re-tweets @WhiteGenocide redpill account
Donald does not give a FUK Trump is SHREDDING polls right now and is soon to win Iowa. The man is UNTOUCHABLE LIBERALS ON SUICIDE WATCH ZIONIST MEDIA IN FULL DAMAGE CONTROL
gf wants me to put diaper on her (no pics) (srs)
My gf is 5'0 and I'm 6'4. her father died before she was born. has no brothers. Grew up without a dominant male. Now over the past few weeks I've been noticing a pattern where how she keeps telling me she sees the love of a father in my eyes. She would call me Daddy in bed but I figured...
Germany Is Officially Over (1984 Left Wing Fascism Is Here/Merkel Coming For Yo Kids)
http: www.welt.de finanzen verbraucher article146904927 Nach Hetze ist das Umgangsrecht in Gefahr.html Xenophobic social media posts are ground for having your children taken away No freedom of speech or religion if it impacts child's welfare Common sense is the deciding factor ...
So my pupper killed a full grown otter (srs) (vid)
So OP lives down in Louisiana and I was out for a ride on my ATV around my families craw fish ponds when I saw an otter charging across the road. My dog started to run at it because she simply doesn't give a ****(Half pit, half aussy shepard, total badass). I yelled Sadie NO! but she was in total...
90's kid starter pack
This is what you needed to be the man on my block in grade school. Dyno bike with pegs so the homie can ride Starter jacket
The Flint water crisis, as cliff notes as I can make it
Flint is a city in SE Michigan outside of Detroit, home to about 100,000 people 40 of the people under the poverty line, mostly black. Since 2011 Flint has been in a state of receivership mean since the city couldn't meet it's budget it was being run by a series of emergency managers...
Post the ages of the last five girls you banged
20 (2016 FWB) 19 (2016 Main FWB) 22 (2016 same time as main FWB) 21 (2016 ONS) 22 (2016 FWB at the time) Interested to see everyone's preferences. Post your age if it's not in your stats so we can compare.
WTF 3k in taxes were taken out of my salary and turbo tax says im only getting back..
$500. WTF? Should I go see a professional? Im single no kids.
So my dog killed an alligator today (pics)
So OP lives down in Louisiana and I was out for a run around my families craw fish ponds when I saw an alligator sunbathing on a levee. My dog started to run at it because she simply doesn't give a ****(Half pit, half aussy shepard, total badass). I yelled Sadie NO! but she was in total protect...
Man gets BRUTALLY rejected by EVERY female in dating show 'Take Me Out' (vid)
oh man this is sad I feel so sorry for him l2WZmn778gM


Drunk sloot tries to fight uber driver (video)
fukin sloots man Bvq07KBfhnQ
Girl Told Me She Wakes Up at 6 if it's a "Shower Day"
u wot mate? Instant boner killer. If you have access to running water, why the f*ck wouldn't you take one everyday?
NEWEST scam in the fitness industry: Prepared Meals
Lately, I've seen so many companies popping up out there with ready to eat meals. I guess if you can't rip off your customers with supplements, you might as well try the next best thing. BRB, charging $10 $12 for 6 oz of chicken, 40 g of carbs, and 5 string beans. STRONG 85 profit. I don't know...
Swedish woman attacked in front of her children
For stopping a swarthy looking gentleman from mugging an old woman Full video on DM website http: www.dailymail.co.uk news article 3410575 Shocking moment thief PUNCHES mother face spits young children stops stealing elderly woman.html
The misc rep system is completely useless now [srs] [kuwon]
reps meant something prior to 2k15 16. now even if there is a consensus that a miscer is annoying as fuk, they stay green regardless. back in the day like 30 of the misc found rudyrude annoying, and he was red despite many others thinking he was lolzy as fuk. now chit tier trolls like bleep9...


Lmao, why is it that Vegan Gains gets so many dislikes? (srs)
Dude straight up reks fake natties and fitness youtube celebrities . He's definitely done some fked up chit but on average most of his videos brings the lolz and the dude is probably cashing in just for speaking truth and rustling jimmies
Girl breaks up with beta boyfriend, sees Chad in her bed and kills them both
the ******* looks 40
in a psych ward.. ama
Yes I'm a nutter.. What would you like to know?
i dont understand what's the appeal for bmw'
they're really ugly cars...unless we're talking about the M3 or M4, i8, etc...but anything below an m3 is hidious....theyre a waste of money and hard to keep maintaining, dont know why college kids work dead end jobs making $10 h just to go spend 30k on a worn out bmw, just to say brah i drive a...
BREAKING: University shooting, 20 dead, 50+ injured, battle ongoing
My transformation.... Does humanity still have faith??
https: www.youtube.com watch?v=4yair RumyE Alright brahs I hit up my transformation vid and I'm getting hit with an overwhelming amount of gear accusations. I figured I come to misc as my last hope since this is the one place I can count on for serious and helpful answers (srs). Now brahs is it...
Things men need to stop doing in their 30s
Read an article listing 25 things Men should stop doing in their 30s. A few of them Watching wrestling Playing beer pong or doing drinking stunts Getting in online arguments (MISC) Wearing shirts like TapOut Living in a bachelor pad.
DIS IS IT. Suicide Squad Trailer is here. Hnnnnnnnnng hng
CmRih VtVAs
Iranian pushes 20 year old swedish woman in front of train in germany
http: twitchy.com 2016 01 20 a german man with iranian citizenship pushed a woman in front of a subway train in berlin
Tila Tequila uses GoFundMe to pay her rent, buy furniture and move to a new house
The reason why I am creating this GoFundMe campaign is because they have raised the rent at my old home to $4,500 a month, and being a single mother without any support from the father, it can sometimes be very tough taking care of 2 people with only a 1 person income. So right now I need to...


ITT i post stylish/fashionable stuff [PART 9]
Check out this thread to learn how to improve your style, learn help fellow miscers, share pics deals, etc. Subscribe actively follow this thread to stay in the loop Some pics to start the thread off:
Catfished for 6 months (PICS). So fuking humiliated and angry
MODS: Please alert me if I'm doing something wrong by posting this. Never felt so humiliated, embarrassed, and stupid before. CLIFFS: May 2015: No girls in my college town(very small college), so I got on POF Started talking to a gorgeous girl on the phone each night. She sent me...
Mind Blown at how many people are on Anti-Depressants/Anti-Anxiety meds. srs
I found out I have a couple friends on them, my mom is on them. Just about ever girl I know is on them. I really didn't think so many people were using these things. Really makes you wonder if society is wrecking people or if people are just becoming weak because of how easy society makes every...
This is the next supreme gentleman (YouTube)
L SpcmOmaio Bq7XbE1Ix5Q PovDgKWkQ1g
CAR BRAHS mechanic just sent me this invoice. Please help I'm getting cucked (pic)
He hasn't done anything yet. But my car was sitting from August to now (hence the tow) and he says the battery had to be thrown away and out a $230 battery like wtf? I never had battery problems, can a battery really be thrown away that fast?
Down's Syndrome people risk 'extinction' at the hands of science, fear and ignorance
http: www.telegraph.co.uk news health news 12103340 Downs Syndrome people risk extinction at the hands of science fear and ignorance.html WTF? I don't think I have ever read such an insane article in a long time. Cliffs: Downs Sydrome people are becoming 'extinct' because of better...
Women found frozen (Literally) on street after a night of partying. DAMN
GF told me she's pregnant, it's all over boyos
My life is over, it's time to lay down and rot... Just as I was about to get somewhere in life, this chit happens... She was on BC too, fuuuukkkk I'll be 27 when the baby arrives in Sept Oct I hope it's a girl though, despite what misc might say I always wanted a little girl...
Whats the weirdest thing you've seen someone do in the gym
What is it?
Most difficult decision of life.. with GF.. breaking it off? (CLIFFS)(no pics)SRS
This is the first actual gf I've had, been going out 4 months officially (we were together day and night last month, and the 2 months previous I slept over 4 5 night wk, so I know her very well). She is smart, funny, and really sexy (short also). If one day I woke up and was married to her, I could...
are there any female miscers anymore?
misc has changed alot since 2006, was just recalling some of the old miscers, never see any chicks post here anymore
Are demons real ?
Aware me on why I should believe in demons ? I read that thread about summing demons and it was pretty interesting.
Misc.. I'm in deep ****..
Met this girl online. She was absolutely crazy and started sexting a lot of kinky ass ****. We started talking. Sloot goes to my same college. I'm in student government. I lied and said I went to a different college. She has 50 of my dick pics. And knows my kinky side. This girl is sort of fcking...


"White-ness Shaming Month" in Portland, Oregon. Prepare your jimmies...
http: www.campusreform.org ?ID=7174 Fuk liberals, fuk Hillary, fuk Obama, and fuk the traitorous whites who support this. Our country is beyond screwed. I'm not even religious, but I believe world has to be coming to an end soon. There's no way we can last under this kind of complete idiocy,...
Why do people date single mothers?
There are tons of millions of single girls in the world but they decide to settle for worn out nasty single mothers with a bastard child. What's the deal?
lol at this butthurt facebool status (cant stump the trump)
I was going to write a long, well thought out rant about the general public. I have however decided to just let it go because no matter how much I rant and how well articulated said rant might be, the general public will never change, I mean honestly the american government, and media is actually...
Im finally out of the redzone after being mod negged twice, AMA, vegan power!
title. thread sponsored by SUPER MANLET.
Former Auschwitz medic, 95, to stand trial over deaths of 3,600 people
Hubert Zafke, 95, served as S.S. medic at Nazi extermination camp He was on duty when diarist Anne Frank was sent there Indictment says prisoners were gassed while Zafke was on duty In 1948, Zafke was sentenced to three years in jail because of his S.S. membership An...
mark zuckerberg's wife.. WTF
why is he married to her? he could get any girl in the world but he marries some below average looking asian chick. its ****ing mind blowing. is he asexual?
Miscer OWNED by Amy Scumer
Jeff Side looking average and deflated as fuk. Looked better at 19 then now by far
Lol what happened to this guy. I never thought he would fall off so hard. Does he not know how to work out anymore to the next level despite all the access he has to bodybuilding stuff and people? Is he Vegan now or what? Fail lol
First gas station with gas under $1 appears in USA.... oil industry hit hard
In Michigan.
I cant believe our British government is srsly having a debate on banning Trump...
http: www.theguardian.com politics blog live 2016 jan 18 uk mps debate donald trump banned from uk commons live?CMP=fb gu brb potentially banning the next leader of our greatest ally brb our Cuckservative government doing nothing to curb mass immigration, allowing Islamic hate preachers like...


The "I pretend to be successful on Facebook" starter pack
What's it like to be white?
To have light skin (feels good man?) Is it painful to stand under intense sunlight without sunscreen? To have straight hair brah (no baldcels) Straight hair on your pubes lol wut? (no homer) To walk around and have no one do a double take at you? To talk to other white ppl Do you bash...
Females what constitutes trashy behaviours in males?
And what (not so obvious ) behaviour you consider hnngg?
mind=BLOWN, eSports is a real thing [100% dead srs] [joeysmokes]
http: espn.go.com esports I was checking up on my teams today and noticed this new section on ESPN called eSports what the fuk is this chit? these sad fuks are 90lbs soaking wet with bitch tits and pocket protectors, yet they're considered athletes in today's generation? brb...
Is Your Jaw Better Than Mine? (pics)
Who here has a better jaw than me? Is mine even that good? Always get complimented on my jaw crew. let's see pics if you think yours is better Inb4 comments about my hairline. I know I have a 50 year old hairline lulz. Hold me misc
Got my dink sucked by my sancha in Tijuana during vacation AMA (pics)(jewmad)
Went to rosarito beach with this girl I have been smashing in mexico for 6 months. On the way back stopped in Tijuana last night to chill out near the border, got a BJ this morning and came back to America. I stayed at this hotel in the summer with the same girl, and it was just as awesome. ...
So, is Lazar Angelov ever going to lift again?
The dude has been injured for like 2 years. Is having endless surgeries, and only ever posts pics of him drinking Shredz BCAAs or Throwback Thursdays of when he looked half decent. So, is this the end for Angelov? Dude is almost mid 30s too.
LOL at people who get mad over their GF's past...srs
Don't give a chit about what she did before she met me. Or at least let me just say im better off not knowing. But i do think its funny when beta's ask their GF how many dinks they've had? edit: Cliffs Its easy to gauge if a girl was a sloot before you start getting seriously involved with...


This is why service members do what they do (gtfih)
https: www.facebook.com mbest11x videos 764067707070232 That vid brought back a lot of memories and pulled at some heart strings. Mad respect for these guys. Shows the brotherhood involved particularly with combat MOS's. I seriously consider my military brothers a tier above family. Also shows...
Ask a 8.5/10 anything!
move over Dan Bilzerian, heres the candy man
Maybe report, but its new to me dammit his name is Travers Beynon but goes by the nickname candyman he's so rich , he's apparently allowed to walk his wife and her best friend (who he also has regular threesomes with) around on a leash publicly
Police harass a black man legally carrying a gun
Just lol @ police officeers having nothing else to do but harass citizens they're paid to protect. LOL @ anyone who will defend these pigs iCwtJL3tols
short jacked guys look awkward as hell lol (pic)
gets amogged into oblivion by his non lifting friends


People are complaining with this hashtag all over social media, because none of the acting nominations are to minorities.
0.0% of Icelanders under 25 believe the universe was created by God
http: icelandmag.visir.is article 00 icelanders 25 years or younger believe god created world new poll reveals Looks like there are going to be a lot of unemployed clergy in Iceland in the near future. They may have to move to the USA, where the myths are still going strong.
HOLY FUK, found my old POKEMON CARD COLLECTION (pics) (Nostalgia) (hngg)
damn brahs. I will save these till the day I die (srs)
Friends shaming me for smashing this girl. Should I regrat? (srs)
Been smashing this girl off tinder for the past couple weeks (solely hookups. never been on dates, etc.) my roommates all tell me she's gross and fat. granted, she's not skinny (probably weights all of 145 lbs and is almost 5'10 ..i'm 5'8 155) but she's not fat. has no gag reflex. wonderful...
Ronda Rousey seen hanging out with Amy Schumer and Seth Rogen (PICS)
Ronda filming a Bud Light Commercial Ronda in SI Swimsuit Issue Ronda hosting Saturday Night Live next week Ronda starring in Road House and Mile 22 with Mark Wahlberg Ronda is back, where's Holly been?
Catbrah cleaned his apartment (pics)
I hauled nine of the 30 gallon black trash bags out of just the bedroom area. Living room is next. Unfortunately, the floor is curling up all over the place, but it's still an improvement. Before: After:
LMFAO @ Men with beards
95 of men grow beards because it covers acne scars imperfections fkn lol @ you ugly fukcs basically wearing a mask to cover your mug Cliffs: insecure phaggots grow beards
stock market crashing ayyy lmao
get into index funds they said ayyy lmao you guys are getting cucked
2015 Chicago Murder Stats out. Interesting.
502 total homicides in Chicago in 2015 Race of victims: Black 399 Hispanic 80 White Other 18 Police 9 Unknown 2


The College Scam
{Serious} I feel so bad for people with high student loan debt. So many of my friends were sold the college dream and have 80 120k in loans....some turned into alcoholics, my one buddy moved out of the country to start over....its slavery....and no they didnt major in women studies either. See...
Are vegans healthier than other people?
Ask a guy that was falsely accused of rape anything (case thrown out after 6 months)
Stay safe bros Basically girl willingly cheated on her boyfriend with me. During intercourse goes sorry I can't do this I have a boyfriend . I say ok that's fine. Next morning get arrested on accusation of rape. This happened in June, case got thrown out end of December due to lack of evidence.
anyone else sick of this tryhard trend in fitness ?
brb everyone calling themselves alpha brb recycled quotes all over instagram and fb with copied pictures brb all these phaggots claiming beast mode and can't even break 2 plates in any lift brb phaggots with 13 inch arms rocking golds gym and gymshark stringers brb college phaggots WEARING...
This is easily the GOAT deodorant, lol at anything else
What Donald Trump actually means by, "Make America Great Again"
He means, Make America Ethnically European Again. His whole campaign is a racist farce. This is true, and deep down inside, you know it. NOTE: I post this in the misc., so the majority will actually see it.
Doctor injects female patient with double dose of Morphine then ejaculates on her
Which miscer was this? http: www.nydailynews.com new york exclusive mount sinai doc accused ejaculating patient article 1.2496055


brahs did I win the lottery? (Pic)
holy chit brahs not sure if srs, brb giving each miscer 10k
Ask CEO10K/Day anything
Is this what adult life is meant to be like, misc? :/
gt; Woken up by an alarm at 6:30 on a dark, wet, freezing cold day gt; Get out of bed and attempt to eat a proper meal gt; shower, and try to force out a chit so you dont have to use the toilet in work gt; Battle the traffic into work while still half asleep. What's normally a 20 minute drive is 45...
What are some good arguments against "we were all immigrants once"?
I keep hearing this same, tired, argument from liberals and others that think because most of the residents of the USA, at some point 100 400 years ago, came from another country, that we as a society should allow all the scum Syrian refugees (AKA 20 something year old men) into our country....
Ask a Feminine Gay Guy Anything
Was feeling bored so I thought it'd be cool to answer question. Feel free to ask anything you'd like.
This is currently trending on Tinfoil sites [JPG]
Official Nasa pic: http: www.hq.nasa.gov alsj a17 AS17 147 22470HR.jpg
I explained to a chick last night that the earth was flat.... Think she's gone NC
Fuark. I'm bummed about this. We were drinking and she starting talking about something, and somehow it got into travel, which led into the conversation about the earth being flat. She seemed interested about it at first, then I could tell she was skeptical so I changed subjects. Think...
It's over brahs - Just been laid off by Shell. The Oil & Gas industry really is dead.
Hold me brahs, been officially told by Royal Dutch Shell India's Energy division that my services are no longer required. Due to the nature of the current industry and the contract I signed, I won't be receiving any sort of severance or redundancy which I wasn't expecting as a junior petroleum...
Have you ever been upset by a celebrities death? (srs)
For me, Bowie is right up there Freddie Mercury would be but he passed long before I was even born
Post some things u HATE from your culture/heritage/country(srs)
Or your parents homeland of piss This doesn't mean we aren't proud of our roots Simply some things we just can't stand For me Mexico I fukin hate mariachi corridos music
Jezebel article- "Was I raped?" -bish actually takes responsibility
LOL @ Dave that cheeky kunt Cliffs provided by Bleep9 (is it even a brah?) Girl is a singer for a band She meets Dave, a friend of a friend, who's in a band called Svengal She practices with him in his apartment every week Dave keeps asking her for sex every time she's over, and she...
phuckin lol at my lay down and rot roommate (pics)(SRS)
I walk in the living room, my roommate on the couch (as always) and this on the TV. Wrap your head around this: It's a video game where you lift, in the video game, to increase your stats in the game. Now wait, it gets better, my roommate isn't even playing the game, he's watching...
People celebrating outside the 7-Eleven where the winning Powerball Ticket was sold
Waiting for the riots to pop off. http: losangeles.cbslocal.com show live video
Ask Someone Who Will More Than Likely Be Divorced in 1 Month Anything
Cliffs Wife has full on Aspergers amp; psychotic tendencies Cold and shows no emotion No empathy with other people Always looking out for herself
Obama haters: Explain why Obama sucked ( protip: he didn't)


Girl who followed me from a mutual friend sent me these (pics)
Told me she's been into me for a while and thinks I'm hot and is only into Asian guys. Lawd jesus SOS and no it's not a catfish lol Sad part is, I have a girlfriend, kinda, we've been on a really rocky road and on the verge of breaking up. Can't do anything just yet.
Winning the powerball would ruin your life 100% guarantee
do people actual consider the full implications of such a thing when they go to the drug store and buy a ticket? How your life would actually change. Winning 1.5 billion dollars does not make your life a fantasy. You're still stuck here in reality. Money can buy pleasure, but it is often the short...
Damn 30yr old women admit they've become invisible
Was reading that article of Maggie gyllenhall where at 37 she was too old to be casted as a 55 yr olds love interest. Article was on Jezebel a fking feminist site normally raging at women being catcalled etc. Top comments so other women are agreeing Honestly, I'm 33 and I would say I look...
Bikers Attack Foreigners In Migrant "Manhunts": Bikers, hooligans, and bouncers oh my
Ex Boyfriend CRYING over Nicole Arbor abusing him (Dear Fat People) (GTFI)
VZ27W2K12fk https: www.youtube.com watch?v=VZ27W2K12fk Mobilebrahs Starts the tears @ 7:50 Maybe she was too alpha for his delicate, sensitive ways?
Women on dating apps tell me I should model and that I look like Drake
Feels good not to be subhuman. Subhumans, how does it feel? How is your subhumanity treating you today?
Men start to lose aesthetics after 22.. ?
Humans look best late teens to early 20s. Thirties for men is cope talk (just like women... 30 is the new 20 . Yeah ok. Looks fade, athleticism drops, hairline creeps back, more angus hair than ever, etc. Just rotting after 22. This true.. ? thought it was only for sloots. Men in their...
HNNGGG at this twitch streamer (pics) nofap DONT ENTER
https: www.instagram.com lisavannatta Her twitch is StPeach


5 men abduct/rape girl, order father to leave
https: ca.news.yahoo.com woman raped five men york city park police 163351655.html cliffs: 5 men take white girl from her father in a park and take turns raping her. they ordered the father to leave the area
Female miscer gets on Tinder... Wat do?
I don't know what I was expecting but it's awkward and cringey. (Could be me.) Any trolling ideas for lulz? It can't be anything too crazy because I am using my real pictures etc. I have lots of matches (as all girls do, aware) but nothing to say to them. 99 of them begin with hey, what's up? ...
Girl keeps talking "sexual" and is making me uncomfortable (pic) (black Jesus)
So... I've been hanging out and talking to this one girl, but the thing is that she's always being so sexual and talking sexual... like all the time, and it's starting to make me a little uncomfortable. The other day she was like so and so it looks like you're one step closer to getting...
A certain female miscer got a new AVI that will get some attention
She should surely be posting in this thread soon.
RIP David Bowie 1947-2016
:( rip One of my favorite and GOAT. HNuSD49chY8 rJCBYUKMvMQ
People hate loners/ quiet people
I've been a loner since I was a teen and can tell you based on my experience that most people take the distant personality of loners quiet folk as a jab at themselves; they tend to think that such individuals dislike them or think of themselves as better than they are. It all indicates to me that...
Jennifer Lawrence acts like a complete BITCH towards a reporter @ Golden Globe
http: www.youtube.com watch?v=F zja9pepgU
I am living proof that a aesthetic physique doesnt get you laid..(still virgin)
3 years of lifting, of which 1 year was training like a retard, and eating like a moron..( and 1 month off per year ) ASK ME ANYTHING
this video has me beyond rustled
seeing red right now :mad: KKu6Y7FtgF4 this one too :mad: 3MvinY66r0
Sloot goes on 30 Tinder dates in 30 days and one of them is now her BF
Melissa Brenzinger, 24, wrote about the dating experiment on her blog Spurred on by friends, she began chatting to men on the dating phone app She went on dates with 29 men and one woman in Wellington, New Zealand One of the men she met during the dating frenzy is now her boyfriend ...
You just hit the 1.3B lottery, whats your first car and theme song?
E vcD2Jh8Qk
Super bored. Ask me anything about lifting/nutrition/fasting/etc 45k reps
everytime I do these they go well and its been a while since ive done them and im in a helping good mood so ask anything relating to title! also repping anyone who follows on insta fb whatever me doing 125 lb db presses


GF wanted to get an apartment together and not pay any rent lolwut
Gf blew my fukken mind last night and my jimmies are still rustled about it. I currently live with roommates but am planning on moving about forty five minutes away for a new job that I will be starting shortly. I've been looking at studio apartments that go for about 900 1.2k a month. The gf...
More News On Rapefugees: It Was Planned/Women Told To Stay Home/380+ Confirmed Cases
http: www.ndtv.com world news cologne new year violence cases up to 379 most suspects migrants police 1263987 Cologne New Year Violence Cases Up To 379, Most Suspects Migrants: Police ...
If a person with a penis can identify as a woman, why can't a person...
Why can't person who eats meat identify as a vegan?
My GF's Fat Ass (pic)
The question is, would you sniff it
Rich Piana is actually GOAT
Been spending the past few days watching his new series bigger by the day ... This brah is rich as fuk, does not care about anything, curses like a maniac, looks like a cloud, and is a true GOAT. He is obviously unhealthy as can be but god damn it is entertaining as hell watching him brb has...
(unbelievable) 16 year old German boy tries to help migrant, the migrant rapes him
Source (in German, help me find others): WOLFSBURG http: www.waz online.de Wolfsburg Stadt Wolfsburg Rathaus Opfer wollte seinem Peiniger helfen CLIFFS * 16 year old boy tried to help 36 year old migrant and show him to Wolfsburg townhall to conduct bureaucratic measures. * All of the...
Powerball now at 1.3 Billion
Wonder how many billionaires are considering buying every single combination. They will still win even if there is another winner. No one won last night Odds are 1:292M
Gang rape in new york. Das not it mane...
http: pix11.com 2016 01 09 5 men rape 18 year old girl at gunpoint in brownsville playground nypd Stuff like this makes me rage Cliffs: 18 yr old walking with dad. 5 men approach gun point. Dad forced away. They take turns.
If you could last longer than 30 seconds with this girl on your dink, you're a god
I can't be aggresive with girs because i look like a child @23 (pics)
Hey misc im turning 24 and i cant seem to have any luck with girls my age(or any right now tbh) i'm getting sick of always looking like a boy, cant even do the agressive talk on tinder because i dont look the part Doesnt help that im 5'7 either
Germans welcoming refugees into their homes
http: tracks.unhcr.org 2015 12 the germans welcoming refugees into their homes BUT WAIT! There's more! That look on her face, you know someone is getting cuckold.
I have 50 000 to Blow Before I leave
I suck at writing and expressing myself, plus I am drunk as fuark right now so this post may not be very coherent but whatever I'll try to make it short. Cliffs at bottom because this will just probably turn into a rant or some ****. I have saved up a good chunk of money over the years and now...


New Years eve in Germany...is this real life ?
i have been to that cathedral before...,maybe 7 years ago, it's a beautiful building but germans let me ask you something...whats going on here ? do germans speak turkish or arabic now ? are there any germans left ? and why do they shoot fireworks at people ? and why do you let them rape your...
If i win the POWERBALL 2nite will give out 1 millie to each poster ITT
my motto is: if you wana win the lottery..... You have to make the money to buy a ticket ded srs bought couple of tickets i can feel all that monies :p
ITT: We guess how many people that poster above you has slept with
Based on their stats, AVI, and any other posts you've seem them make
Girl (friend) invites me to her house with 3 strippers
Her son is 26 and has maybe a week or two at the most to live and she just invited me to her mansion with 3 strippers ..... mind blown. The other days she was reading her bible and asking for prayers and now this. Feel bad for the son. They're filthy rich, red indians who own a casino. inb4...
Powerball is now up to $900 Million
Holy chit...is this real life?! http: abcnews.go.com US powerball rises 900 million story?id=36184696
Weight doesn't mean anything, it's how you look (SRS) (Pics) (Pos crew)
I'll start this thread by saying the obvious, everyone has different body shapes, genetics, muscle insertions. Just weighed myself after this pic, 166 LBS at 6 1 2. Nothing impressive to say the least. But just some motivation for the guys getting their stats quoted or feel they aren't...
Deadhang for 2m or do a 60s pull up for 150K reps
Good chance for some of you reds to get into the green. Do one of the following 1.) Hang from a bar for 2 minutes 2.) Perform a 60 second pull up (30 seconds up amp; 30 seconds down) Rules State username and todays date in video (can be on paper) Whole body must be in view You can...
Am I shooting out of my league? (pics of me/convos. Sorry for the huge pics)
Fck misc, I moved to a new state, know no one. Happened to see girls on tinder facebook instagram and drop some messages. In the end they never respond. When I put read at I put it as a joke because there was no chance. But my question is, how am I supposed to meet these girls irl? Go out by...
What's up with Arabs obsession with white women?
I keep hearing those I personally know talk about how they want to conquer a blonde blue eyed white woman. What?


Found 9 puppies on the side of the road in a sealed bin
Was driving down a rural area on my way back from work and see this gray bin with a lid on it just sitting on the side of the road, I seen free something on the side of the bin . Curiosity peaked and i did a U turn and went back around. It said free mutts , So i was like, wut? . Popped the lid...
My stocks are destroying me. Hold me misc.....
I know some of you brahs are taking a huge hit on oil stocks too. I don't even know what the point of this thread is. Maybe just hold me misc.
Do I look like I lift in this outfit?
Or just fat? I'm not flexing btw
Who are you voting for - Trump or Hillary
It's a little early of course but as a 30 year long avid watcher of Presidential politics I can already tell you it's going to be Trump vs Hillary. Who would you vote for?
Powerball $800 million.
I hope someone on the Misc wins. Like myself!
Connor McGregor is only popular because he is white
according to Floyd Mayweather #8220;But you look at things like this, Ronda Rousey, you know, I think she fought somewhere like 11 or 12 fights, which is not a bad thing. Laila Ali went undefeated and was dominating, too #8230; After Ronda Rousey fought I think 9, 10, 11 fights, it didn #8217;t even take that...


I'm about to co-sign my Gf for a car
Should I rethink it srs ? I'm going to co sign mi girl for a 2013 Audi A4 wth her free an clear trade and 2k down she would be lying like $310 a month. Her dad won't do it and her current car is A POS
Lets face it, Vegan gains might be right about one thing...
In one of his recent vids he talks about how making a steak taste good, requires plants to season it (along with salt) I love burritos so I looked up vegan burittos, made two big ones, sat down to breaking bad and.... ....the taste was incredible. It was like the meat made it taste worse...
bought this car for $32k yesterday, everyone was jealous at the gym tonight (pics)
bought this car yesterday for $32,000, its brand new and top notch condition, drove it to the gym tonight broke boys (17 19 years olds) are all jelous of me, brb they all drive ****ty hondas LOL... broke boys thought they could compliment me in hopes they would get a ride in it but i ignored...
As an African American Male, there is nothing better than smashing a white woman
true thoughts Just feelsgoodman. I can't date teh sistaz they bust too much balls. Exclusively white women crew checking in. Any other brothas with me on this?
Why are Americans so mad they have to get health insurance?
Srs question, Europe crew You guys rather get diagnosed with cancer and be 400k in debt? Or is it crazy expensive compared to what they'll pay if something happens? I want to understand
Insult the Avi above you, lets get mean af, misc.
lol at that other thread of betas complimenting each other.. brb it's the same two guys posting every other post waiting for more compliments brb you look like a tool
Terrified for my life (dog bros)
Living with family and they are gone on vacation and it's just me and this dog. I just got home from work and came in and the dog started growling at me. The dog and I were cool before but this is totally unexpected. I'm supposed to take him for a walk but I'm terrified of putting the leash on now....
#WasteHisTime2016: Hashtag Surfaces After Women Describe Ways to Waste Men's Time
Finally allow him to take you on a date then after have him drop you off at your other man's house, said a sample post. A hashtag WasteHerTime2016 has also recently surfaced. Women Are Destroying Men on Twitter With #WasteHisTime2016 Women are not playing this year, at least not the...
if women want to publicly breastfeed...
And post stuff on face book like it's natural my breasts are here to feed my kids. Look away if it offends you. Quit sexualizing everything. Then why can't I pee on whatever tree I want without being a sex offender. Take 2 seconds out of your day to put a hood over your tit or go somewhere...
Obama about to talk guns on CNN (8PM EST)(come rage with me)
About to go live on CNN inb4 he cries like a biitch
Sister of boy mauled by her dogs says "my heart just died".
Article: http: news.yahoo.com sister boy mauled her dogs says heart just 060520582.html The sister of a 9 year old boy who was mauled to death by her pit bulls inside her trailer said Wednesday she will never forgive herself and that she has signed papers giving authorities permission...
Just lmao at anyone who doesnt use the dating app BUMBLE
All these are messages over the past couple days
Man knocks out another man for stepping on his J's (srs)
http: www.facebook.com worldstarhiphop videos 987719474628141
Meghan Trainor is dating a 6'11'', 265lb NBA Basketball Player
Meghan Trainor, known for All About That Bass and Dear Future Husband, is dating a 6'11'', 265lb NBA Basketball Player https: www.yahoo.com tv meghan trainor addresses deandre jordan 033900879.html 7PCkvCPvDXk ShlW5plD 40
Girl on Tinder called me ugly. Need feedback
This girl on Tinder straight up called me ugly, Am I? Her:
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